Our hearts' desire is to know Christ and make him known.  We believe he has put us in Blairgowrie to grow as a thriving family-friendly church that is investing into, and impacting, our local community.

We believe that the calling to a faithful Christian life is a calling to live in community.  Our goal is to be one body under one Lord, and grow together in faith and love.  We believe this deepening of relationships is principally done through the local church, and we want to provide the opportunity for our church family to share their lives together.  Come along to our various ministries to find out more about us as we attempt to be-church.


Prayer & Share runs every Wednesday 7.30pm.  We start the evening off with refreshments and then have some teaching on a portion of the bible.

We then move to requests for prayer, from those present and from others, and spend the rest of the evening taking time to pray together.  This is a brilliant opportunity to get together with other folk from BEC.

Women’s ministry

Once a month, usually on a Thursday evening, the ladies share an evening of fun and fellowship.  Past events include film nights, bowling, pottery painting and Christmas crafts.  We welcome new ideas and everyone is welcome to bring friends.  Check out our Events page for more information on upcoming Ladies evenings.


At 11.15 am on a Sunday we have our Family Service.  This service follows a traditional structure of songs, children's talk, offering, Bible reading, prayer and Bible message.  The songs are typically a mixture of classic hymns and well known choruses.  Occasionally we introduce new songs from more modern songwriters.  We have a piano and guitar to accompany the music.  The adult teaching normally lasts around 35 minutes and the service finishes at around 12.35 pm.  We run two classes in Sunday School - one for pre-school children, with between 2 and 6 children, and one for primary aged children, with between 8 and 12 children.  The number of children has increased steadily over the last few years.  Our eldest children are in S1 and we are considering running a fortnightly class just for young adults.

Our Family Services are relaxed, relatively informal and fairly traditional in style.  Our music tends to be a range of traditional classics and more modern songs.  Mostly we use a piano and guitar, although we have occasionally included drums when a drummer has been visiting.  The congregation is fairly conservative in expression, with a few people who come from a more expressive form of worship. 

Our song choice tends to be those songs that are in Songs of Victory or Mission Praise hymn book.  We use a projector and screen to display the words.  We tend to operate a fairly structured order of service, where songs are sung in between Bible readings and prayers.

The second week of the month our Communion Service takes place at 10.00 am.  The last Sunday of the month it takes place following the Family Service.  During the Worship Service, there is an opportunity for anyone to share a word, or choose a song or pray.

Our 10:00 am Communion Service is more unstructured, with people requesting songs and an organ being used to accompany the singing.  The songs tend to be older hymns and choruses.  These are interspersed with people sharing a word from the scriptures or praying.


All of our events are open to the fellowship and their friends and neighbours.

Christmas Explored – At Christmas we celebrate the real meaning of the season and the very best present of all – the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  In the past, we've brought a small corner of Jerusalem to Blairgowrie, with carols, prayers and live animals, plus some ‘authentic’ snacks.

Gingerbread night – This is a once a year event that's grown in popularity year on year.  Even if you've never made a gingerbread house before, you're not alone.  The kit, the icing, and the sweeties are all provided (for a small fee) and it's a great night of decorating and sugar mayhem.

Prayer Requests

Prayer & Share is held every Wednesday evening from 7.30pm until around 8.45pm.  Everyone is welcome.

Whatever may be on your heart, no matter how big or small the burden, asking for prayer gives you the support of others and allows us to intercede on your behalf.

Keep in Touch

We are a friendly bunch and like to make sure that when you visit on a Sunday, a warm and friendly welcome always awaits you and when you leave we would like you to stay in touch, so that when you’re back in Blairgowrie, or the surrounding area, you know you can always find out what’s happening in the Church.

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